Masai Village

After spending the morning in Vamos Hotel Mikumi we headed back to the gates and left the park. On our way to visited a Maasai village. A village so far away from civilisation and the world we are so used to live and interact in.

I was very much looking forward to visiting a village like this, experiencing how they live and what is important to them. Getting to know their lifestyle and the people itself.

I didn’t expect this visit to turn out completely different and that it would even lead to regretting my visit. This was quite an interesting and also opinion changing experience.

The Maasai that I was assigned to explained a bit about their environment and their culture. It was very interesting to hear him share this with us.

When I left the small and narrow house I was forced to purchase something at a gift shop. The male and female Maasai stood there and put bracelets on my wrists and didn't let me take them off.

Every family has one of those shops where they sell mostly bracelets and other jewellery. The shop that I had to visit was the family’s one that I had visited the house of.

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